A podcast exploring the fabric of Black identities through culture, food, art, life experiences and more.

Recent Episodes

Authentic Expressions of Black Joy

Episode 6

31 March 2022

Authentic Expressions of Black Joy

Visual artist and teacher Birungi Kawooya joins Heather and Kamara for a heartfelt conversation about celebrating Black Womxn within the arts and making space for authentic expressions of joy and healing within her practice.

Inherited Stories, Past & Present

Episode 5

3 February 2022

Inherited Stories, Past & Present

This week Caribbean-American author, Charmaine Wilkerson speaks about her debut novel Black Cake, the stories that we inherit from the past & the present, and how they shape our identity.

A Human Approach to International Collaborations

Episode 4

21 January 2022

A Human Approach to International Collaborations

Filmmaker, Producer and Director Sam Tebandeke joins us to discuss the beauty of international collaborations within the African Diaspora. With a human approach we open ourselves to connect with people across the globe.

This Week

The Determined Path to Success

Episode 7

10 August 2022

The Determined Path to Success

We are joined by Gloria Ugwarelojo Biachi, a Lagos Based Dance Artist, Choreographer, Fitness instructor, Actor and Costume Designer. We learn about how Gloria's determination fuels her to continue to achieve her goals and remain on the path to success.

This is a space for creatives to share similar ancestral memories that shape who they are. Co-hosts Heather Benson & Kamara Gray bring their unique perspectives as Black Global Citizens living and working in the UK and beyond.


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