A podcast exploring the fabric of Black identities through culture, food, art, life experiences and more.

Recent Episodes

Experiencing Full Circle Moments

Episode 11

17 February 2021

Experiencing Full Circle Moments

Heather shares her story of experiencing full circle moments in her life, and how they have contributed to her being able to continue the art of storytelling through her artistic and creative work.

Building Visible Legacies

Episode 10

12 February 2021

Building Visible Legacies

Pawlet Brookes, Founder, CEO and Artistic Director of Serendipity is an experienced and highly respected senior manager and producer. She is at the forefront of developing Black arts in the UK.

Nurturing the Next Generation

Episode 9

3 February 2021

Nurturing the Next Generation

This week we learn about the nurturing experiences that inspired Kamara to invest in young Black dancers and provide them with opportunities to train, perform and achieve their dreams.

This Week

Cultivating Roots Confidence

Episode 12

26 February 2021

Cultivating Roots Confidence

Writer, activist and creative entrepreneur Nick Makoha sits with us at the Yams & Yuca table to share his passion for food and poetry. We explore what it takes to cultivate confidence especially during challenging times.

This is a space for creatives to share similar ancestral memories that shape who they are. Co-hosts Heather Benson & Kamara Gray bring their unique perspectives as Black Global Citizens living and working in the UK and beyond.

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